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Massage Therapist


Massage Therapist
Charlie (labrador) Corbett


Practice Manager

About Peter Corbett

Osteopath (D.O.)
Peter qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in1987. Some 28 years ago, he set up Port Hacking Osteopathy in Caringbah. Peter utilises his considerable experience in trying to help patients who present with many and varied musculo-skeletal conditions.
  • Qualification: Osteopathic Practitioner (DO)
  • Area of interest: Neck, Headaches, Sports Injuries
  • Experience: 30 Years

About Bree King

Massage Therapist
Bree is back! After taking time away to look after her three children, Bree has returned to our team. Bree is an an exceptional massage therapist and we’re grateful to have back on board. Bree is equally happy working behind the front desk or utilizing her expert soft tissue dexterity.
  • Qualification: Massage Therapy
  • Area of interest: Lower Back, Thoracic, Sports Injuries
  • Experience: 12 Years

About Kristina Charnock

Massage Therapist
Kristina is passionate about Massage Therapy and returning people to work and play as soon as possible from injury and pain. Kristina intimately understands the fundamental causes of sports related injuries we treat at this practice.
  • Qualification: Massage Therapy
  • Area of interest: Myofascial Release for Sports Injuries & Chronic Pain
  • Experience: 5 Years

About Charlie Corbett

Practice Manager (Retired & sadly no longer with us)
Charlie is a 13 year old female Labrador Retriever, that likes to welcome you when you arrive. Charlie can be found often lying around in the reception area, mostly being in the way as you walk past. She loves cuddles and pats but loves food more, where she will become incredibly obedient and your newest best friend. Charlie is genuinely happiest in the company of children and she is just simply content to sit with you. This is sometimes accompanied with an additional small kiss (lick) of gratitude!
  • Qualification: Sniffing out food & making friends
  • Area of interest: Lying in the way
  • Experience: 12 Years
It’s mandatory to wear a face mask and check in with the QR code prior to entering this practice.  Hand sanitizer is freely available on entering from the street through the main sliding glass doors. We sincerely apologise if you have had difficulty recently with appointment availability. We are open but operating with restricted hours under this current delta lockdown.
You can book online as usual.