How out-of-pocket medical costs can get out of control

If you’ve seen a specialist in the private health sector, you’ll likely know the pain of out-of-pocket or “gap” costs.

They’re the fees charged by a medical specialist, minus the Medicare rebate and — if you have private health insurance — whatever your health fund is willing to cover.

What you pay varies greatly depending on who you see,

We can close the gap & I’m proof of that

Here is a little truth we haven’t heard much about this week: We know how to close the gap.

Hundreds of thousands of Indigenous people are living successful, healthy, stimulating lives. I am one of them.

A 2016 Centre for Independent Studies report that found that of 550,000 Indigenous people identified in the 2011 census,

Does vinegar really kill household germs?

Looking for a cheap and green alternative to the cleaning products on supermarket shelves?

Plenty of people swear by vinegar.

It’s certainly inexpensive, non-toxic and biodegradable and has been used as a common disinfectant for thousands of years.

But especially if you want to clean your kitchen or your bathroom,

Tamper-resistant pain killers doing little to curb opioid abuse in Australia

The introduction of strong pain killers that can’t be crushed or dissolved has done little to tackle Australia’s opioid epidemic, a study has found.

Key points:

  • Making opioids tamper-resistant hasn’t stopped increases in opioid misuse
  • More people are becoming dependent after being prescribed the drugs for pain
  • Experts want more access to non-drug treatments for pain patients

Amid concerns about rising rates of opioid addiction and misuse,